Pirates of the Zooby Baby Clothes Seas…

First, this is not a slam on Zooby Babies! I have my little boy and a little girl on the way. I’m a Zooby mama through and through! And, my baby is cuter than yours! Yep, totally just went there. lol Anyways, ohhhhh hold on I have to sing along with this song, brb…


Okay, so I’m a shopper, clearly. I’ll even go as far as being a self-proclaimed shopaholic, not to be confused with a shopping whore. That difference is for a totally separate blog. But I shop a lot is the point. I do have shopping rules for myself. For example, before I spend 250L or more on one shirt, I have to shop around and see if I can get it cheaper somewhere else. Let’s face it, SL designers copy each other more than it rains in the Amazon during the rainy season. So the likelihood of finding it somewhere else is pretty good. I wouldn’t say I’m cheap, don’t let me near a shoe store, but I do find pricing to be frustrating at times. And baby clothes is no exception!

Baby clothes designers, specifically for Zooby, tend to sell their wares at a base price of 200L. I have found some for 150L, but not much. Now, maybe I missed the official kick off for the base price, but what the hell! Why are they so expensive?? Well, I know why, its because suckers like you and I don’t want our babies to freeze from exposure. These designers need a reality check in pricing! Take a trip through MP and you’ll notice, maybe, that base pricing on clothing, in general, starts at 150L. 150L!! That was figured out with formulas and percentages too complex to explain. That and I’m lazy. 

Now, I do acknowledge that these little babes have to have scripted clothes that work with themselves and their closets. But, I’d like to point out that those scripts have been set up for designers by the lovely Zooby creator, so and so (I never know who makes stuff). So they don’t actually have to do the hard stuff. So why are they so expensive??? Some are cute as hell. Which of course means I bought them. But I’m not happy about it! Sort of, okay I have mixed feelings. I think something needs to be done to correct this atrocity and save us poor mama’s from going broke! So when you people come up with a plan of action to do just that, let me know 🙂


That’s all, shop on my little shoppers! ~ Angry SL Blogger